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Enviroschools is a unique sustainability journey.   Through exploration, discovery and connections with the environment tamariki and students experience how to make decisions and take action to improve the physical and social environment of our places, our community and our world.  We are seeing a wide range benefits from this approach.


Benefits for students:

  • A sense of belonging and contribution
  • Recognition of the different skills and qualities of themselves and others
  • Skills of working together, making decisions, planning and taking action
  • Increased confidence
  • Hands on practical ways to engage with the curriculum and learning

“In the current climate (educational) of a narrowing curriculum, the enviroschools programme gives most of our children opportunities to succeed in areas other than numeracy and literacy.” *

“Student ownership and understanding of how people can make plans and affect changes to make an environment a better more sustainable place to be. Taking action! Making things happen!” *

Benefits for Enviroschools:

  • Increased pride and responsibility for caring for the school environment
  • More inspiring and healthy school grounds
  • Financial savings through saving resources
  • More engaged and motivated students
  • Increased links with whanau and community
  • A framework and resources that support school staff

“Huge awareness raising by all children - children are more empowered as the "caretakers" of our environment.” *

“Enviroschools is a valuable tool to be able to go ahead with projects such as developing garden areas, designing more enviro sensitive buildings and the promotion of wild areas for the children to play in.” *

Benefits for families, the wider community and our country:

  • Transfer of knowledge from school to home
  • Schools and community working together
  • Increased knowledge and experience of Māori perspectives
  • Increased understanding of cultural diversity
  • Attitudes of care, responsibility and creativity that transfer into all aspects of life as young people grow up.

“The students’ efforts are being recognised by the community and the students value the importance of contributing and improving biodiversity and healthy waterways.” *

“The children are growing an understanding of being a NZ citizen, caring for themselves, others, future people. Understanding the consequences of their actions. The children are really empowered.” *

* Participant feedback in 2014 Evaluation survey