Rongomatāne - Qualities of peacefulness and order, provision, cultivation.

How to Become an Enviroschool

The Enviroschoools Programme provides a framework for schools and early childhood centres to engage in a holistic sustainability journey.  

It provides a supportive holistic approach to deepening understanding of sustainability and embedding sound pedagogy and practice into the culture and everyday centre and school life.  Enviroschools is real-life meaningful learning. 

The Enviroschools Programme is offered to schools and centres in return for a commitment to:

    • engage as a whole school/centre in a journey towards sustainability
    • enable tamariki and students to take action on real-life meaningful projects
    • share successes and challenges with the Enviroschools network
    • participate in networking events and professional development opportunities
    • look beyond the school or centre gate and engage whānau and community in the learning and action journey.

Enviroschools is implemented in 16 regions, along regional council boundaries.  Schools and centres have a facilitator and access to a suite of resources, professional development and networking opportunities.  

Each region coordinates Enviroschools in a slightly different way depending on the organisations involved and the level of support available.

To find out more and connect with a Regional Coordinator visit your regional page.

Together we are working towards a more sustainable future!


Collaboration, networking and sharing all provide knowledge and inspiration about Enviroschools in New Zealand.
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