Creating Change

The holistic, long-term Enviroschools journey creates fertile ground for a range of learning and action.

When tamariki/ students connect with their place and its people, and then plan, design and take action, they are creating change.

Through this empowering experience, they will become life-long change-makers.  The collective exploration is based in the concept of ako, where all participants are simultaneously learners and teachers, and everybody learns from each other.  It is a process of co-creation between people and all of the elements and energies around us. Caring for our place and the whole planet becomes a living curriculum where skills and competencies are gained through experience and mahi within meaningful community settings.

In the following stories you can see how Enviroschools participants are learning with their heads, hands and hearts – connecting with nature, exploring indigenous wisdoms, forming relationships with tangata whenua, collaborating with people in their diverse communities, and finding out about their own qualities and passions.  Learning and action in Enviroschools does not just have environmental outcomes but social, cultural and economic benefits too.

Winning Combination of People and Process Reducing Waste at  Papakowhai School

At Papakowhai School, waste management is led by the students, with strong support from the teachers, the caretaker, the principal, the council, education providers and other schools. When you get the right people on board, and some strong processes in place, the combination can be...

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And They’re Off! Student-led Creativity in EVolocity is Electric

High school students taking part in the EVolocity schools programme are finding new ways to innovate and collaborate together, as they discover skills they never knew they had. Teams of high school students join together to design, build, and race their own electric vehicles and...

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National Early Childhood Education Hui Celebrates and Nurtures Development

Our National Early Childhood Education (ECE) Facilitator hui was a time to celebrate and nurture the strength, capacity and knowledge in the ECE sector of Enviroschools. 85 Facilitators, Regional Coordinators and teachers from around the country came together in Epsom, Auckland for an amazing 3...

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A 'Dam' Good Day Out!

Fifty-eight primary students from ten schools across Central Otago and the Queenstown Lakes District gathered together in Clyde for a day to learn about energy and to visit the Clyde Dam. The students started the day with a mini-energy audit which got them thinking about...

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Exploring Forest Gardening As a Community in the Wairarapa

Masterton students have taken their aptitude for growing food, and their enthusiasm for eating it, beyond the vegetable garden to explore growing food in forests! Students and adult helpers leapt at the opportunity to participate in a student workshop, attended by 25 students from seven...

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Collaboration, networking and sharing all provide knowledge and inspiration about Enviroschools in New Zealand.
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