Creating Change

The holistic, long-term Enviroschools journey creates fertile ground for a range of learning and action.

When tamariki/ students connect with their place and its people, and then plan, design and take action, they are creating change.

Through this empowering experience, they will become life-long change-makers.  The collective exploration is based in the concept of ako, where all participants are simultaneously learners and teachers, and everybody learns from each other.  It is a process of co-creation between people and all of the elements and energies around us. Caring for our place and the whole planet becomes a living curriculum where skills and competencies are gained through experience and mahi within meaningful community settings.

In the following stories you can see how Enviroschools participants are learning with their heads, hands and hearts – connecting with nature, exploring indigenous wisdoms, forming relationships with tangata whenua, collaborating with people in their diverse communities, and finding out about their own qualities and passions.  Learning and action in Enviroschools does not just have environmental outcomes but social, cultural and economic benefits too.

Passion for Restoration Becomes Infectious at Coastal Conference

Lynne Grove and student Enviro-leaders from Aparima College tell us about their experiences at Murihiku Coastal Treasures Conference and how this has inspired them to share learning with the other staff and students, and to take the next steps on their Enviroschools journey.

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Opunake Students Develop Building Skills to Create Chicken Motels to Rehabilitate Ex-battery Hens

A group of Sustainability Academy students from Opunaki High School get more than warm fuzzies from a chicken housing project that creates further learning and engagement. Read more about the chain of events that these students undertook to ensure the rehabilitation of their rescued chickens.

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Northland Kindergarten Association Commits to Sustainable Energy Options.

Northland Kindergarten Association have 14 Enviroschools and a strong commitment to engaging in sustainable practices throughout the whole Association. Here Richard Storey from NKA tells us about a long-term sustainable initiative that has already reaped rewards.

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Students Review Building Design Elements for Effectiveness

Students at Lincoln High School in Canterbury undertook an inquiry into design, materials and building construction to learn more about a special space at their Enviroschool where people now enjoy learning and teaching in. Here are excerpts from the report that Lucy, Amelia and Ashleigh...

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Generation of Changemakers Emerges at Greytown School

A whole-school enquiry into sustainability at Greytown School has led students to research ways they can reduce waste in their community. When it came to the all-important action-taking aspect of the inquiry, each class focussed on a different stage of the waste hierarchy and were...

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Collaboration, networking and sharing all provide knowledge and inspiration about Enviroschools in New Zealand.
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