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Facilitator training opportunities

October 16, 2023

Build a culture of participation. Embrace facilitative leadership.

When you attend one of the Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation 3-day courses you can expect to work with qualified trainers and expert facilitators who create a fun and engaging learning environment along with the opportunity to practise in a safe way and receive in-depth feedback. You will build confidence to use a set of versatile, globally recognised methods that foster authentic participation with a group. You will learn skills to harness the diversity of people and interests in a group to generate robust ideas, foster creativity and innovation, and ensure commitment to actions and solutions by all those involved.

Find out more about Participatory Techniques people, philosophy and approach.

Some of the facilitation training team members.

Group Facilitation Methods

14 Feb 2024 – 16 Feb 2024      Cracroft Guiding Centre, Christchurch   BOOK >

 5 June 2024 – 7 June 2024    The Link, Hamilton   BOOK > 

12 Aug 2024 – 14 Aug 2024    Area Events, Wellington   BOOK >

Principled Influencing and Negotiating

 3 Jul 2024 – 5  Jul 2024     Te Mauri Tau, Raglan

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Later in 2024    Waikato