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Motivated and gaining momentum at Macleans

October 25, 2023

Enthusiastic enviro group students from Macleans Primary School recently shared how motivated they were to take action for sustainability. They spent time talking to Enviroschools Facilitator Cate and her colleagues from the Sustainable Schools Team to consider how they had integrated the Enviroschools kaupapa into school life. They were supported by Principal Matthew Cooke, a senior teacher, BoT members, and parents at this reflection sharing day, chatting about actions they were particularly proud of.

A mug of Matariki Soup, made from fresh vegetables harvested from the school garden.

Yan loved their Matariki soup and can’t wait for next year’s Matariki gathering. Zoe aged 6 asked the principal if she could initiate a litter pick up group. This is now underway and run by her with a group that helps. Now she wants to expand the idea to include community.

They shared a wonderful PowerPoint that collates how they’ve woven the Enviroschools Guiding Principles through all these projects and practices. You can check it out here. 2023_Macleans Primary_reflection slides


Considering next steps on their Enviroschools journey towards a sustainable community.

They have been having fun doing this mahi and are really inspired to explore lots of next steps!!!

Congratulations to everyone at Macleans Primary School for your passion and student engagement. What a comprehensive and significant journey of action learning and change so far in two years. This has included actions like minimising waste by over 50%, adopting Murvale Reserve, taking part in Howick’s pest free Cadet programme, coming second in the moth plant competition with over 15,000 moth plant pods gathered, planting an abundant vegetable garden, lizard lounge, native ngahere and more.

“The Marshmallow and Milo Day was really fun, and the milo was yummy. Lots of people walked and biked and scooted to school and got a milo. It was so much better for our earth because there were less cars on the road. It’s also good for us and makes us healthy,” said Lindsay, student Travelwise leader.

Bike, scoot of walk to school Tuesday – and 220 students got involved.

Lead teacher, Steph, and a dedicated student travel-wise team have been highly successful in getting students to walk to school. One day in July during our wet winter they handed out over 200 cups of milo to students who had walked to school out of roll of 511.

We are looking forward to your next steps being explored as you work towards your vision for a sustainable school community.

“There were less cars on the road than usual and that was so good for the environment as the exhaust wasn’t polluting our world. Also, it helps to save money on gas if we walk.  Walking can make us stronger,” said Jevindu, Travelwise student.

Friends enjoying a milo together at the Hunger Hut.