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Nelson School Children Step into Spring!

September 24, 2020

Recently the Nelson Enviroschools team have been working to promote active transport. Seven Schools took part in the Step into Spring initiative to help encourage more active journeys to school. 2167 students were provided with passports to get stamped for each day they walked, scooted or biked to school. Over 950 students enjoyed participating in the pop-up milo and bike blender smoothies start to the day! Even some kaiako were seen having a spin session on the bike blender.


A fine morning encourages active journeys to school.

This was a two-week challenge, where young people got stamps in a “passport” on days they walked, cycled or scooted to school. Each school had slightly different definitions of what that meant so it wasn’t consistent, but parents said that children were making an effort. We had a couple of prizes for each school to give out (active experiences vouchers). We had one day at each school during the 2 weeks (where the students didn’t know we were coming) with milo and blender bike smoothies as a reward for those who used active transport on that day.


Next term we are looking forward to continuing the momentum of active transport to keep students and teachers strolling through summer. As part of this the Enviroschools theme area Energy! will be explored to help build knowledge and understanding of different forms of energy and the influences (both positive and detrimental) that we can have on our environment through transport choices.


Keeping things moving on the bike blender.

Because we are keen to get kids moving, there is a survey now to let us know what’s stopping them from getting to school actively. No pedestrian refuge? Overgrown hedge? Damaged footpath? Visit our Shape Nelson website and drop a pin on the problem area to tell us all about it. This will help inform infrastructure changes so please share with your school community.




Yummy bike-blended drinks to reward active travelers.

Blender fun promotes the message of active transport to school.











Enjoying the blender drinks as a reward for active travel to school.











Banner image: Step into Spring Winners from Nelson Intermediate School Hely Mahipala and Kayla Stevens.