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Te Moana Encounters- Seaweek Northland 2023

February 28, 2023

Seaweek in March 2023 is being celebrated in Northland Enviroschools by a series of hands-on discovery experiences being held throughout the region to help connect with local experts and extend the on-going mahi carried out by the community caring for the marine environment.

You can find out more by reading the information below for both ECE and Primary encounters.

2023_ES_Northland_Seaweek_Te Moana Encounters – ECE A4 flyer (1)

2023_ES_Northland_ Seaweek_Te Moana Encounters – Primary A4 flyer (1)

Contact your facilitator for further information. Register via the link in the flyer now!



Whale rescue training at a previous event.

Practicing using a hoe paddle before venturing out onto the water.

Ensuring that lifejackets are worn correctly to help stay safe on the water.


Banner photo: Learning to stay safe on a biscuit.