Connecting Teachers Coast-wide with Enviro Bytes

| By Zoe Watson, Regional Coordinator, West Coast

The inaugural cyber meeting entitled ‘Navigating the Enviroschools website’ proved popular with teachers from all three West Coast districts in attendance, and many more booking their slot for the next session on a tour of the revised Enviroschools in the Early Years handbook.

Enviroschools facilitator, Sarah Harvey, succinctly guided teachers through key elements of the Enviroschools website, highlighting tools and key features. A poll found that 100% all attendees felt the session length was “just right” and that they were all feeling “confident” to use the website.

Teachers commented that taking travel out of the equation made attending “straightforward” and “enticing”. “For a region like the West Coast where travelling distances between districts can be 200 km, regional cluster meetings that bring the whole coast together have not been feasible,” commented Regional Co-ordinator Zoe Watson. “Whilst on-screen meetings do not replace face-to-face interactions, Zoom is providing a really useful tool to connect our network from one end of our region to another, and to collectively grow our puna mātauranga (pool of knowledge).


For more information on the meetings, please contact Zoe Watson, Regional Coordinator on zoe.watson@enviroschools.org.nz