Linkwater Learners Share Their Journey

| By Enviroschools Marlborough

Taminuiterā: Qualities of radiance and warmth

Linkwater School are a Green-Gold Enviroschool working towards their next steps.

The bee garden

As part of becoming a Green-Gold Enviroschool, Linkwater School have been sharing their journey with other Enviroschools.  We got a chance to share in a visit with another school to see just what they have been doing and we all came away very inspired.

After being met by some very articulate students, we were each gifted a kete which held their school image and vision.

We were then taken to the newly refurbished library to see the wall showing their Enviroschools progress from Bronze to Silver and onto Green-Gold.

It even highlighted their pretty impressive next steps as a school working hard to embody the Enviroschools kaupapa.

Students then shared some of their learning around their skills and inquiry programme, and later we got to see first-hand how their learning hubs work in the classroom.

It was interesting to see how much of their programme is linked to the topic of sustainability, and how flexible the learning environment was.

On the tour of the school we loved all the visual art, especially as much of it was designed by students with a purpose and a story that represents who they are and where they live.

Thanks Linkwater, for showing us how your students are actively engaged in environmental change.  It was very clear that this engagement is having a significant effect on the school, community, nation and planet.


Linkwater Vision Map