Otago Energy Hui Heads to Clutha District

| By Enviroschools Otago

Taminuiterā: Qualities of radiance, light and energy.

Mahi ngātahi – working together to create mind maps of different energy forms

Eight primary schools from the Clutha District came together on 2nd September to explore energy in its many forms.

They started by exploring how atoms move in different states, and then the students drew mind-maps of all of the different forms of energy they were familiar with. Esther Haines from the University of Otago physics department demonstrated how ‘invisible’ energy (electricity) is made and its properties. The students got hands on with circuit boards, experimenting with flows and currents. They spent time sensing energy from Tamanuiterā, Tāwhirimātea and wai through making music, using wind to move boats, saving an ice cube and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Smooth moves – experiencing potential and kinetic energy on the smoothie bike

A highlight of the day was experiencing potential and kinetic energy on the smoothie bike. Students looked at the lifecycle of various products (plastic, aluminium, paper and steel) and identified all of the forms of energy in the lifecycle and how energy is transformed.

Identifying forms of energy through the life of a product.

This led to some very insightful discussion about using products, and therefore, energy wisely.

Students said they learnt about many different forms of energy and the ways different forms of energy work. They also realised that we need to think about energy and how to use it wisely. Students made plans to share what they had learnt with their families, friends and classmates.


Waihola students experiment with circuit boards