Recycling Bin Revamp at Bohally

| By Enviroschools Marlborough

Bohally Intermediate’s classroom recycling bins got a makeover this term, as classes battled it out to win a mufti day.

Each class was challenged to revamp their bins for general recycling and GOOS (Good On One Side) paper, in a competition run by the school’s enviro-team.

The competition aimed to make students and teachers think about recycling, and to make sure that the bins were easy to find in the classroom.

Some classes went all out, completely redesigning their bins from the ground up, while others worked to make what they already had more eye-catching.

Creativity, wow-factor, functionality, and the use of recycled materials were taken into consideration by judges, and bonus points were given to classes that had worked on both their general recycling and GOOS paper bins.

The Year 7 winner was Room 12, with their ‘feed me’ monster and ‘goose’ GOOS paper bin (pictured in banner image). The judges really liked their thoughtful design that was easy to use and transport around school, but also super-fun and creative.

They also liked how the class repurposed items that they already had to make the bins.

Some of the other colourful and creative Year 7 designs:

For Year 8, the judges couldn’t choose just one winner from the awesome designs in Rooms 1, 2, 3 & 4, so the Year 8 prize went to Hub Barnes. Room 1’s ‘dinosaurs and turtles’ design was eye-catching and amazing, Room 2’s ‘paper creation’ was both beautiful and practical, Room 3’s ‘cookie monster and upside down goose’ were really fun and impossible to miss, and Room 4’s ‘solar powered house and goose nest’ designs were innovative, especially the use of a solar panel for the roof lights.

The winning Year 8 designs:

It was great to see the enthusiasm and creativity on display, and the bonus is that it encourages everyone to use the recycling stations at Bohally!