St Mary’s Bee Green Mufti Day

St Mary’s School were having trouble keeping the weeds down in one unruly end of their native tree planting…

Students were struggling to weed through giant fennel and very long grass! They decided the best solution would be to pay someone to scrub bar the native tree area.

They had no funding, so needed to come up with an idea to fundraise for a gardener.

“Amazing outfits!”

They brainstormed about what to do, and came up with the idea of a “Bee Green Mufti Day”.

Students dressed up in green for the day and their koha paid for the scrub barring to take place.

The students at St Mary’s loved the dress up theme and the fundraiser has led to the giant weeds in the native tree area being cleared.

Thanks to their creative planning, the students’ can now easily move in and around the native trees and weed the area themselves.