Tasman Mission provides a positive challenge for 2020

| By Enviroschools Tasman team

The Tasman Mission event is an annual challenge for groups of students from 7 -12 years old engaged in the Enviroschools programme in the Tasman District with the purpose of building connections between enviro groups, increasing Tasman schools environmental/sustainability experiences and knowledge and having fun together. Agencies benefit by increasing their exposure to a wide range of schools.


Teams needed to use different strategies to work together and ensure speed.

This challenge engages student teams (of 4-5 people) in a range of tasks– Sustainability, resiliency and environmental challenges to complete under pressure. The question is who will gain the most points by successfully completing the most activities? There are also prizes for teamwork, strategy and focus.

This fun event, organised by the Enviroschools Tasman team, is a collaboration between a wealth of agencies and groups including Nelson Provincial Museum, Forest & Bird, Tasman Bay Guardians. Motueka High School Enviro-leaders also supported with an amazing array of activities.

Lots of fun and laughter resulted from the Harbour Master Marine Safety and oil spill activity as the students completed the task of discussing life raft use.

120 students from 15 different Tasman Enviroschools moved swiftly between the 18 stations. Once at a station they focused on trying to learn, solve, an allocated task in 10 to 15 minutes. These tasks included working out how much sugar is hidden in different foods, how to clean up a marine oil spill, repairing a bike chain and making a film about sea life challenges.

The organising team were really impressed with the way that students used their knowledge, skills and creativity to move through the different challenges. This has now got them thinking about what else they could include in the 2021 event!

How sweet is this? Jennie from NMDHB has students work out how much sugar is in different foods.

The Enviroschools Tasman organising team looks sharp with Councillor Trindi Walker as they prepare for a full-on day!

Banner image: Teams at the Otago Marine Studies station with Richard de Hamel are asked to make a short movie about a marine issue.