Where Should Rubbish Go? Not in Papatūānuku’s Puku!

Redwoodtown School tamariki have been exploring what happens to the rubbish from their lunchboxes. Over lunch one day Ramona asked, “Where does the rubbish go from your lunchbox?” After a variety of answers, Redwoodtown decided it was time to experiment!

The tamariki picked out a selection of rubbish to be buried in the garden: A cupcake wrapper, banana skin, cling film, a muesli bar wrapper, a yoghurt pottle. Spades in hand, the tamariki dug holes and in went the rubbish. Staff marked on the fence where everything was so we could dig it up again at a later date.

“30 sleeps then we will check it” – Harry.
“What do you think is going to happen to it?” – Ramona.
“It’s going to turn into dirt” – Sweetness.
“Maybe into grass” – Noah

30 days on and we dug it all up, only to discover that none of the green waste could be found – only the plastic!

The tamariki decided that Papatūānuku doesn’t like plastic in her puku, so keeping waste out of the ground is very important.