Worming Around…….How Can CJ Wriggle Out of This One?

| By Golden Bay Kindergarten

Golden Bay Kindergarten – Te Whare Matauranga Ō Nga Mokopuna Mo Apōrō Mohua has a very strong focus on sustainability/environmental education.  This is threaded through everything they do, including staff recruitment.

Today we set up our worm farm with Enviroschools facilitator CJ Webster from Tasman District Council. She gifted us some tiger worms to get it up and running.

CJ brought in some magnifying glasses so we could get a really good look. We could see their tiger stripes!

We then got paper towels and shredded paper to put on the bottom of our worm farm. CJ then drizzled water over it as the Tiger worms like damp dark areas.

What did we learn:

  • Tiger worms have 5 hearts
  • They have a gizzard that mulches up the food they eat just like birds do.
  • Tiger worms have both male and female organs
  • They can have from 1 – 20 baby worms at once
  • If you chop a worm in half, they do not grow back together
  • Tiger worms have a head at one end and a tail and bottom at the other!

CJ then talked with us about what the tiger worms like to eat. They eat most things, but they do not like: citrus, flour products, garden waste like twigs, garlic, onion and spicy foods!

Thank you, Addison and Astar for carrying the worm farm all the way to the Nikau trees! We decided this was a good place for them as it is very shaded and sheltered. Our new tiger worms are going to create nutrient rich compost for our amazing kindergarten gardens.