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Kaikorai Valley College in Otago has a Farm on its School Grounds……

August 19, 2020

Science teacher Dr Simon McMillian started Kaikorai Valley College’s farm six years ago.  “We have a lot of land in our school and we weren’t using it,” he says. With the help of his students he built whatever they could.

Dr McMillian did all this because he knew classrooms aren’t the best place to learn. “It was really something for me. A self-realisation in teaching.”

Dr McMillan and the students were visited by the One News Good Sorts programme, to find out more.

Enviroschools Otago Secondary hui

The Otago Enviroschools team, together with Dr McMillian and Kaikorai Valley College are planning to run an Enviroschools Secondary hui in September, focussing on NCEA and the EfS standards. Having the hui at Kaikorai Valley College will give a great context to discussions, and students from the college will have the opportunity to demonstrate what they are learning on the farm.