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Mission Heights’ depth and breadth of sustainability evident

December 8, 2021

Congratulations on maintaining your Green-Gold Status, Mission Heights Primary School!

Mission Heights sustainable journey koru.

A group of students, teachers and facilitators gathered online in early December to check in about how they continue to strengthen being a Green-Gold Enviroschool.  This school in Tāmaki Makaurau shared via slide show and discussion, the maintenance, inquiry and shifts across the whole school towards a sustainable community since their last Green-Gold reflection.


“I am incredibly inspired by your vision, commitment and collaboration for learning for sustainability. Your students are very lucky to have you leading Enviroschools at Mission Heights Primary, Renuka and Caroline. They will leave your school being so action competent for the future they will face. It gives me hope!!! – Cate Jessep, Enviroschools Facilitator, Sustainable Schools, Tāmaki Makaurau.

Evidence of the 5 Guiding Principles recorded.

There was special recognition, from those gathered, for Renuka and all she had done to reflect on the significant and rich action learning for sustainability this year despite lockdown.

The students shared the challenges they faced over lockdown and how they loved having the opportunity for action learning that is relevant for them. Their insightful comments added to the richness of evidence gathered onto the Jam Boards.

While it was very different from how schools usually reflect, the school had put a huge amount of effort, thought and energy into their presentation and students spoke proudly of what was happening at their school.

 “Scary at first, got easier, less stressful… Happy and proud to still be a Green-Gold school! – student, reflecting on the online process.


Another of the students said about the experience, “Shy, now excited about our next steps.”

The students all commented about how they had grown through the process of preparing for your reflection. To immerse themselves and lead their own learning was amazing.

I would just like to mihi to the Team at MHP for your tenacity to stick with this process, preparing for and sharing your journey in such an amazing Green-Gold Review session. Truly, if we can’t be with you kanohi ki te kanohi, online today was the very best next thing. Renuka, you raised the bar on Jam Boards and preparation.  It is exciting for us too, that as a Sustainable Schools Team we are all learning and growing continuously through you too.” – Nicky Elmore, Enviroschools Facilitator, Sustainable Schools, Tāmaki Makaurau.

Mission Heights School next steps to consider.

Thank you so much for digging deep to create this fabulous video after all you did during the reflection!!! Your words and photos have captured a snapshot of the breadth and depth of your learning and action. The team at MHP definitely have a strong plan to continue to grow.

You can view the Mission Heights slideshow here 2021_ES_Auckland_Mission Heights Enviro Green _Gold Review and their video below.


active engagement in growing plants.

Health and wellbeing.











Respecting Diversity.

Rich diversity of Mission Heights people and cultures.








We are scientists. We are Environmentalists. We are a Green-Gold Enviroschool.

Intergrading sustainability at Mission Heights School.