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Nayland Kindergarten Green-Gold Reflection

October 6, 2021

The Nayland Kindergarten whakatauki.

In June 2021 Nayland Kindergarten held their Green-Gold reflection sharing and decision-making day. Whilst this kindergarten has undergone some significant staff changes, the commitment to the Enviroschools kaupapa has never faded away. A particular strength of this kindergarten is their connection with their community and their place.

They treasure their ancient pear tree that grows in their playground. The tree is a taonga to them and a leftover from a past time when the area was covered by fruit orchards. It was used as a thread throughout the whole process working towards being a Green-Gold Enviroschool.

The reflection team feeling confident about their shared decision-making.

The reflective team was privileged to be the audience for kindergarten’s waiata that was performed by all staff and kids. It was created by a close member of their kindergarten community and one of the teachers.

Achieving Green-Gold was celebrated with the whole community at Matariki with delicious food, stories and the unveiling of a special UV reflective art project that honours the local stream as an important connection between the hills and Tasman Bay.



Nayland Kindergarten display of artwork of ngā atua and the local landscape features.

The kindergarten waiata.

effective waste systems and happy worms.

Nayland was of 6 Enviroschools (5 schools, 1 kindergarten) who participated in the Matariki art project. Here is an example from nearby Birchwood school.