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Students Camp Out For the Climate at Tūtira.

November 24, 2020

The Enviroschools Hawke’s Bay facilitation team raised understanding and hope at a recent overnight camp that explored climate change and positive actions. An Enviroschools camp focused on Climate Change met the criteria for extra funding from Toimata Foundation and was also relevant to work being done by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council since declaring a Climate Emergency. The camp held at Guthrie Smith Outdoor Education Centre, Tūtira was attended by students from Pakipaki, Twyford, Omakere, Sherwood, Wairoa, and Hastings Intermediate schools.


Everyone gets involved getting to know one another with a whakawhanaunga activity.

A survey of prior understanding went out to schools before the camp and this helped inform the content of the 2-day programme. Facilitators took the opportunity to use a number of experiential activities from Enviroschools resources and other sources to model ways of raising awareness of the complex issues and impacts, and focus on localised positive actions young people could take personally and together with their communities.


The weather dampened several outdoor expeditions however a walk in the rain to the lookout was a good opportunity to hear and see evidence of erosion due to adverse weather impacts in the surrounding landscape. Another highlight was a mindfulness silent walk on the final morning, a perfect way to tune in to nature.


A tug of war role play with Tūtira actants, that tells a story. There is often more than two sides to consider… (loosely based on this activity.)

Students returned to school with priorities for change in a Sustainable Climate Action Plan and Enviroschools facilitators will follow up with support for engagement in 2021.

Feedback from teachers:

“The kids were very excited to put down the plan of what we have already done around our school and community and then add the knowledge they had gained during the 2 days a camp. They were motivated to try new things and introduce new initiatives to our school.”


“I enjoyed the people, vision and learning experience. My students also enjoyed the camp, and we would love to attend again if presented with the opportunity.”

Students were asked if they would like to share their thoughts about Climate Change with the Regional Council. Check it out here. (scroll down to the video).

Camp participants spell out “Climate Change”.