Comrie Park Children Lead the Way to Green-Gold

Comrie Park Kindergarten in Matarau has become the first kindergarten in Northland to achieve Enviroschools Green-Gold status.

Comrie Park Kindergarten children, from left, Nate Barry, Owain Jones, Denim Hutchinson (with chicken) and Flynn Smith in the kindergarten’s outdoor area.

Northland Regional Council Chairman Bill Shepherd said “Green-Gold is a very significant milestone in the Enviroschools journey, but for Comrie Park – which in 2012 became the first Northland kindergarten to join the programme – this occasion is even more special. Comrie Park is very much a hub and second home for many in the local community.”

“The kindergarten’s contribution to sustainability behaviour change in the community is considerable indeed, and includes vege gardening, riparian planting, wise waste management, keeping chickens, healthy eating and orcharding.”

Comrie Park was also the first kindergarten involved in the Enviroschools WaiRestoration project, carrying out ‘WaiPlanting’ days.

Among the next steps in that regard will be to set up a ‘WaiNursery’ at kindergarten to grow riparian plants in conjunction with the neighbouring Matarau School, thanks to funding from the Mangere Catchment Group and school parent labour.

Other ‘next steps’ for Comrie Park will include looking into pest control, installation of another water tank, and a local marae visit.

Watch this video to learn more about the Enviroschools approach in this Early Childhood setting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXQjJ1U9R2g&feature=youtu.be