Exploring Eco Whare Around the World

Otago students have been discussing and imagining the different possibilities of housing…

Goldfield students building their house.

Waitati Kura students drew pictures of their own houses and compared these to homes in other countries. The students looked at how different houses were suited to their environments and the culture of each particular area.

The students were tasked with imagining whare of the future – what would these look like?

An underwater house and a house on Mars were among the ideas!

Goldfields Primary School students have also been investigating housing by exploring some big ideas:

Junior students checking out their new playhouse.

What are houses made of?  What qualities does a good house have?  How have homes changed over time?

Students learnt about measurement and geometry, and investigated the
purpose of objects and the cultural contexts in which they were made.

The students tested building materials and engineering and also looked at houses of the past and potentially future. Their exploration also saw them accomplish building their own houses, which are now being used in the junior students’ play area!