An Insiders View into Richmond Resource Recovery Centre

Richmond School recently signed on as an Enviroschool and they already have a group of extremely passionate enviro leaders that meet weekly.

Richmond envirogroup decided a follow up action to Plastic-Free July would be to tour the Richmond Resource Recovery Centre.

Here is what some of the enviro leaders thought of the tour:

“I was surprised to see how much was thrown away that could be reused or recycled” – Evelyn

“I learnt that they use magnets to help sort some of the metals. The big machine was pretty cool as it sorted so much of the recycling”. – Kieran

“We learnt that once the plastic is sorted it is squashed into large bales so it can be sent off to be recycled” – Evie and Greer

“I was amazed at what people throw away e.g. good dog kennels and golf clubs that other people could use” – Amelie

Tasman District Council currently owns five Resource Recovery Centres (RRCs) located in Richmond, Mariri (Motueka), Takaka, Collingwood and Murchison.

Waste from each of these is transported to landfill for disposal and recyclable materials are dispatched direct to market or via the Richmond Centre.

The service provided at the larger RRCs (Richmond, Mariri and Takaka) includes loading waste into the hopper of compactor units, removing full bins from the compactor, and positioning them for collection by the haulage contractor. The materials that can be dropped off at the transfer stations are the same as those collected for kerbside collection.

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If any Tasman schools would like to book a class tour through the Richmond Resource Recovery Centre, please contact Enviroschools Tasman Facilitator Nichola Brydon.