Natural Festivity at Springlands Kindergarten

| By Enviroschools Marlborough

Tāwhirimātea: The wind - changeable, gentle, fresh, brisk, stormy

Are you looking for some ideas for a more natural Christmas? Then I bet you will be inspired by Springlands Kindergarten’s nature tree. As we move into the festive season our tamariki are learning ways of celebrating whilst treading gently on Papatūānuku.

The clever kaiako and tamariki have been working together, as part of their Enviroschools kaupapa and nature play, to collect natural materials with help from whānau. These are being used to create decorations for their Kindergarten Christmas tree, as well as for their trees at home.

Manu feeders have been made using honey and bird seeds as well as peanut butter.

The Nature Tree playfully moves to Tāwhirimātea.













As part of this learning, they have made feeders to hang on the tree for the manu. So far, they have tried using honey and bird seeds as well as peanut butter and are looking at other sustainable ways to use in this process.

Our facilitators have been so impressed, we are going to try making these trees ourselves.