Tikitiki School Explore Water of Life

| By Kauri Forno

Tikitiki School is a small rural school on the east coast with a roll of around 34 pupils.  The school (which is also called Pae O Te Riri School) provides a teina class for Years 1 to 4 and a tuakana class for Years 5 to 8 students.

The school have been on their Enviroschools journey since 2016 and have recently started to explore the Water of Life Theme Area. Their Enviroschools Facilitator, Kauri Forno, spent a day with both classes demonstrating how to run some of the activities in the Theme Area.

Students particularly loved representing different interest groups and dividing up water between them.

The teina class ended up asking lots of questions about how water got into the water tanks at school and how to conserve that water.  They then worked to create a beautiful water cycle.

Tikitiki School are planning to become more involved in collecting water quality data about their local awa using Gisborne District Council’s Stream Health Monitoring and Assessment Kit (SHMAK kit).