Plan A, B, C is Earth!

Enter the gates at Sylvia Park School and you’ll be amazed at what students there have created. At the beginning of 2016 students were asked, “How can we ensure we don’t need Mars as our Plan B planet?”

Sylvia Park School’s outdoor classroom

In response, students and teachers designed and constructed their own outdoor classroom –  improving the school’s sustainability and helping to educate friends and whānau.

The outdoor classroom took just under three weeks to build. It features a swale and a bridge, a spider-web climbing frame, a bughouse and worm farm, and an entrance inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 

“It’s important to us that students’ learning translates to something that allows them to contribute to our community and wider society in a meaningful and powerful way,” says school principal Barbara Ala’alatoa. “Through experiences like this, our children learn they can be the change makers our world needs.”

The project was undertaken as part of the Enviroschools programme, which aims to help students develop skills, understanding, knowledge and confidence through planning, designing and working towards creating a sustainable school.

Enviroschools Facilitator Cate Jessep was inspired by the level of enthusiasm shown by students and teachers at Sylvia Park School.

Sylvia Park School’s outdoor classroom

“They came up with the ideas, and I helped to connect them with experts such as storm water and biodiversity specialists. Everyone involved was totally committed to making this project a success, and the results are truly remarkable.”

Principal Ala’alatoa welcomes groups wanting to visit the outdoor classroom.  Please contact Sylvia Park School if you would like to request a viewing.

Check out their amazing video of their journey here.