Significance of Enviroschools to the Regenerative Recovery

| By National Team

Tūmatauenga: focus, perseverance, steadfastness, endurance.

Over 80% of councils in New Zealand are regional partners of Enviroschools and their investment enables the work of Enviroschools Regional Coordinators and Facilitators.    We see some exciting opportunities through the many green recovery projects to involve our network of centres, schools and their communities.  We are also aware of added financial pressures on councils as many are facing reduced revenue and also seeking to minimise any rates increases.

At times like these relationships are key and we are heartened to hear some of our council partners calling Enviroschools an “essential service”.   To support our discussions with councils, Toimata has put together a supporting document outlining the programme and its role in creating a sustainable future.

ES significance of kaupapa at this time – web

Banner photo: Secondary students from Northland gaining sustainable agriculture skills and contributing to restoration of the region’s dune lakes as part of Enviroschools WaiRestoration.